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Information boom in the pharmaceutical market day by day grows and continues to grow, obviously being in the stage of extensive development. Implemented the principle of " the more - the better" if it does not allow canadian pharmacy achieve the desired performance, then, at least, gives you the opportunity to mark territory coveted " carpet bombing." In general, all this is quite natural, given the youth market. Increasing market competition is not always possible to farm businesses in a timely manner to evaluate the effectiveness of own advertising and informational activity, the more simple and accessible means to supervise the neighbor. Reliability of such control can be achieved by using the help of the pharmaceutical market analysts.

We carry out constant monitoring advertising of medicinal products and scientific articles in specialized periodicals printed medical journals, not only to measure the volume and frequency of advertisements placed, but also the content of published scientific articles. The data obtained in well-defined indicators to analyze the relevant information space segment of the market. But first, a few words about the mechanism of the project.

Before proceeding to the data obtained, a few words about their potential uses. The whole complex of actions committed by companies to promote drugs can be divided into forced and unforced. The former include those identified traditions prevailing in the market and are standard ( medical representatives visits, seminars with doctors, advertising in specialized publications, etc.) - the approach implemented here, " we are forced to do so, because it's coming everything. " The second group are those initiatives that are generated by local managers opportunities - mainly marketing ( put a new task for the positioning of the product, conduct a new study to sponsor publication of a guide for physicians, create a video about the preparation, etc.). And those and others in turn are divided into effective and ineffective. Advertising and the publication of scientific articles in the printed special editions are the most important carriers of content and image messages to target groups : we solid company, our products have a visual image, we rely on the evidence ( it always ?) Base, etc. Not to do so is impossible, however, to accurately assess the real effectiveness of such actions is difficult enough, but still necessary. As a minimum required to achieve acceptable performance?

This is the most typical problems faced by product managers, planning to promote their products. The proportion of intuitive decisions tends to decrease as the number of media is growing very quickly and are not always evident what competitors are doing. In addition, reality dictates the need for clear measurement of such activity - a whole category of products for competitors or specific materials: a) the number of outputs of advertising and b) frequency outputs c) area and a place for advertisements within publications ( media planning on the fact ) d) the amount of money spent (including planning for and protect their own budgets).

How does this light segment printed specialized publications, try to consider the example of monitoring data. The first feature, with which we had a chance encounter, the impossibility of separating the block medical and pharmaceutical publications as advertising of many OTC and prescription drugs is present and there, and there. Therefore correct to consider data on the entire block editions, with the possibility in principle if necessary, they still share.

Let's start with the most important - the estimate of the total amount of cost on business advertisements. The figure shows the rating of canadian online pharmacy both in terms of advertising costs and the number of outputs and the advertising space occupied. Crest rating hardly surprise anyone - it has all the leading players. However, careful analysis reveals a number of very interesting patterns. For example, in the fall of TOP10 three companies that are not in the same ranking of companies in terms of sales, which corresponds in principle implemented to date strategies of these companies, aimed at increasing its market share, including through the use of aggressive advertising, and to some extent represents their aspirations for the near future. TOR20 two companies are manufacturers of branded drugs, and advertising is mainly focused in pharmacy publications. Sufficiently impressive look and performance total advertising spending, but leaders advertised both greater than those of competitors, the number of drugs.

In most cases, the cost of manufacturing companies TOR20 for advertising directly correlated with the amount of advertising placements and adware area. For companies - manufacturers generic medicine more typical different advertising tactics - a large number of small-format outputs, while the average cost of one drug advertising in this segment for the two leaders were about 25 thousand U.S. dollars.

Rating specialized publications printed volumes attracted advertising budgets is shown in Figure 4 ( in relative terms compared to the leader ). Quite naturally, the pharmaceutical publications occupy relatively high position on this indicator, the recall, they also represented many advertising of prescription drugs. For practical users (eg, product managers ) is extremely important to build the right media plan. In this critically important for the optimization of the process to know where, with what content, how much and what kind of budgets advertised competitors. Equally important is not only the volume of placements, but also the proper distribution of this process throughout the year. With these indicators can be found on the company website.

Together, the resulting data set allows to control the parameters clearly described the process of promoting products and competitors to build properly react. In combination with other research data it is possible to more efficiently manage the entire marketing mix. An equally important role in assessing the effectiveness and planning activities to promote drug advertising plays an analysis of published scientific articles.

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