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Drugs and safety

When prescribing drugs, the primary problem remains the patient's safety. At home, keep the container with the drugs out of the reach of children. The method of storage is also important, it is necessary to take into account what medicines must be kept in the dark, which in the refrigerator. Details of storage methods are always given in the attached instructions. It is necessary to closely monitor the shelf life and do not use drugs whose shelf life is exhausted. Using the drug, it is important to clearly observe the dosage and frequency of administration. In case of individual intolerance, it should be reported to the doctor in order to replace it with a drug from another pharmacological group.

Manual of medicine

The instruction of the drug should be attached to each package of the drug. It is prescribed:

Before using any drug, you should carefully read its instructions and strictly follow these recommendations, especially the dosage.

Effective medicine

How to choose an effective drug? To answer this question, it is necessary first of all to clearly determine the clinical diagnosis. Do not prescribe therapy with drugs at random, without a preliminary medical assessment. It should be remembered that many drugs are designed against specific diseases. The more accurate and competent the diagnosis is, the easier it will be to choose the most effective medicine. The effectiveness of the drug is also influenced by the individual characteristics of the patient: drug tolerance, allergic reactions, concomitant diseases.

Important note: even if the drug is selected perfectly, does not have a side and toxic effect, it will be useless if the patient for one reason or another does not take it. Taking drug therapy requires certain disciplinary efforts from the patient. There is such a thing as "compliance", in medical practice, it means strict adherence by the patient to the instructions of the attending physician. If compliance between the doctor and the patient is not achieved, the patient violates the order and norms of medication, no drug in this case will not be effective.

Safety when taking medicines

Each drug has indications associated with the underlying disease, and contraindications depending on side effects, individual tolerability, toxicity. Safety when taking drugs primarily depends on the patient. First of all, when choosing a drug, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. It is also important to observe the dosage and frequency of medication. You should make sure that Under the list of contraindications does not fall your concomitant disease or condition. In the case of individual intolerance should abandon the selected drug, replacing it with a drug from another pharmacological group. It is also important not to self-medicate, especially in the case of choosing a previously unknown drug.