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Modern pharmacy - What should it be like?

How is the information space of the pharmacy network formed? What are the mechanisms to ensure the effective operation of the pharmacy? What should be the pharmacy staff?

Currently, we are engaged in technical issues of the network organization, and I want to tell you. Probably, today any large enterprise, especially ours, not absolutely in the usual way created-in this case we simply received huge economy that from the point of view of economic, from the point of view of consumers and the business it is impossible to create without uniform information space which is a prerequisite of existence of online pharmacy.

What is included in the concept of "modern online pharmacy"? Today it is a universal health complex, where people of different ages come not only to purchase funds for the treatment and maintenance of health. As shown by our research, first of all people come to the online pharmacy for good service. The pharmacy business occupies a certain place in the world of trade, so modern pharmacies eventually began to obey the laws of trade, and pharmacy equipment began to obey the laws of the store. For the buyer to make a choice in favor of your pharmacy, it must have its own style, the design of the trading floor, properly selected commercial equipment. It is necessary to create comfortable conditions for making a purchase: the presence of air conditioning systems, bright, cozy rooms. Modern pharmacy-a collective participant in the struggle for the buyer. And the winner is the one who will be able to present himself better to the buyer, will offer a better variety of services and will be able to achieve respect for the consumer.

At registration of an external show-window it is necessary to consider the flow of people passing by. When making the inner of Windows, you should plan the theme, decorations, etc. and, as trivial as it may sound, the window should be kept scrupulously clean, because the pharmacy looks sloppy, the client doesn't want to.

Modern pharmacy requires its own corporate identity. Inside a private shopping space is necessary for themselves to advertise. We made greeting cards for colleagues, calendars with our theme, pharmacy logo. Practice shows that the one who effectively uses advertising works quite effectively. And most of all attracts the attention of some originality, novelty in design. With proper decoration certainly will be a good sale.

An important role in attracting customers is played by an expanded range of products. Now the pharmacy can have up to 10 and more thousand items in the range of products. It is necessary to carry out the correct display of the goods, use visual navigation, so that there is no overload of Windows and the impression of clutter.

Modern pharmacy is also an additional service. I would divide them into pharmaceutical-an expanded range, the implementation of phyto services-phytobar, phytocafe, etc., and medical services for which it is necessary to obtain a license - a massage, first aid, tests. There is a wide range of services: health, educational, training programs, schools of health, charity, service (pre-rental, reservation, taking orders by phone, home delivery). But the most, perhaps, an exotic service, which I recently read-the sale of white wines in the network " doctor Stoletov." But the pharmaceutical market is already used to everything and took it very willingly. More of the additional services I would call those that make up the pride of the pharmacy: fitting medical supplies, service credit cards and free partner cards, ordering, individual orders, information about the availability of drugs, individual discounts.

The Canadian pharmacy should provide an individual approach to pricing. Prices are influenced by the location of the pharmacy, the type of area; it is necessary to monitor competitors, take into account the proposed program of suppliers, consumer demand and novelty of drugs. The work of the reference and information service is very important, because the modern pharmacy is the latest technology. For example, the work of the reference service allows you to quickly search for a drug or medical supplies. If necessary, we search for drugs in other pharmacies of the city, in addition, we provide information about the drug itself, and, very importantly, we can inform the consumer when the drug will be delivered at what time.

Modern Canadian pharmacy is a convenient mode of operation for the consumer. It can be round the clock, extended, on holidays and weekends. Business card, which we give to our customers, contains an indication of the mode of operation of our pharmacy with all our coordinates and address on the Internet.

Such a pharmacy can not do without a discount program and promotions for buyers. Discount programs that we use in the pharmacy are diverse. This can be cumulative, one-time, permanent, incentive cards, as well as joining the acts of discounts of other organizations.

A very important point is to focus on new products for their promotion. Market increases your turnover, so the ads have us in the pharmacy working efficiently and increase sales. The title is very important in the advertisement, it should be memorable as a slogan, brief, concise.

A few words about open and closed forms of sales. Our practical experience has told us what are the pros and cons in both cases. Open form of sales - is an expanded range, free access to the product, saving time when buying, the ability to choose the product yourself. Of the minuses that we noted-the increase in the area of the trading floor, which not everyone can afford, and be sure to have a network of pharmacies. If it is a single pharmacy, the open form of sale will not bring the expected effect. This form involves mandatory counseling, and this pharmacy should have a high intensity of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Advantages of the closed form of trade-focus on the prescription group of drugs, the availability of more than 70% of the range of drugs. Cons - possible queue and then only with the wrong placement.

The online pharmacy needs to have high-class experts. Unfortunately, for a specialist today pharmacy is not an attractive place of work. Even at the stage of training, the young specialist is set to work in the company. Meanwhile, I believe that the head of the pharmacy can make the work attractive. To do this, it is necessary to increase the motivation of employees, there should be adequate wages, system rewards or bonus rewards, a normal social package, corporate discounts on goods for their employees, correct relations, a good psychological climate, professional growth, social significance - these are the components that can attract a specialist to work in your pharmacy.